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Whitepapers & Case Studies

Executive Summary for Managers’ Perspective

Every business strives to deliver a great customer experience but how much room exists for improvement?

The New Workplace Reality: Capturing The Soul And Spirit Of The Emerging Worker

This Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper reveals a pervasive gap between customers’ expectations and the level of service employees can actually deliver.

Executive Summary for Frontline Workers’ Perspective

Much has been said about the decline of customer service, but it’s especially unfortunate when customer-facing employees desperately want to please — yet can’t.

Improving Operational Efficiency and Customer Centricity

A leading retail bank wasted time and money managing its own document infrastructure.  Keen to outsource service provisions, the bank sought a supplier capable of providing managed services on a global basis.

Digitizing Documents Provides Helping Hand for Medics

A new electronic health record system delivered by Ricoh is giving doctors at German hospital group KHWE quicker access to essential medical information to help them provide better outcomes for their patients. In addition, the digitization of the hospital's administrative documents is significantly improving the efficiency of the organisation itself.

Managed Document Services Saves Hospital 30%

Ricoh provides Managed Document Services for a respected university hospital and has transformed the hospital's document infrastructure improving its operational efficiency by updating technology and automating workflows.  Ricoh's services-based approach has reduced internal support requirements and is saving the hospital considerable sums of money.

Process Optimization Saves Hospital Time and Money

Ricoh provides Managed Document Services for a large hospital group via automating patient registration and implementing a digital workflow to help streamline the healthcare provider's administrative processes.  Process optimization has cut the time employees spend on administrative process by 25,000 hours per year.

The Ricoh Document Governance Index 2012

A new perspective: Ricoh Document Governance Index 2012 is an independent research study conducted by Coleman Parkes Research and commissioned by Ricoh Europe PLC. It provides a fresh perspective into how business-critical document processes are being managed across Europe, and builds upon Ricoh’s previous Indexes – the Ricoh Document Governance Index 2009 and the Ricoh Process Efficiency Index 2011.

Organizational Blind Spot: The Role of Document-Driven Business Processes in Driving Top-Line Growth

Findings from a recent IDC study indicate that documentdriven processes — the business processes that are governed and controlled by documents in electronic or paper format — have a profound impact on companies’ customer-facing functions.

It’s Worse than You Think: Poor Document Processes Lead to Significant Business Risk

If your business has experienced a significant risk incident in the past 5 years, you’ve got something in common with 75% of the companies participating in a 2012 IDC study sponsored by Ricoh.

Transforming Information Management to Increase Revenue and Improve the Customer Relationship

Successful companies are constantly seeking ways to increase sales, to innovatively develop new sources of revenue and grow their customer relationships in order to protect and expand existing revenue streams.

C-Suite and Line of Business Leadership in Transforming Business Critical Document Processes

The most important step in a successful business document process transformation is the motivation & empowerment of diverse stakeholders at all levels of an organization.

Intelligent Document Imaging Solution Helps Commercial Explosives Enterprise

Ricoh has helped AEL reduce expenditure on print, release office space and cut energy consumption.

Ricoh’s Managed Document Services Deliver Insurance Premium

Providing managed document services for Generali Switzerland, Ricoh transformed the insurer’s document infrastructure, improving access to information and enhancing document security whilst cutting print expenditure by 24%.

Ricoh’s MDS Delivers Ongoing Advantages for Tourism Group

Globalia, Spain’s leading tourism group has gained significant business advantage from its long-term partnership with Ricoh.

Ricoh Helps ChildNet Spend Less Time on Paperwork…More Time on Reuniting Families

How Ricoh has managed to help a private, non-profit organization improve its business processes to accomplish their mission of reuniting families

Managed Print Services - The Foundation of an Information Infrastructure Trend for Business Value

MPS helped to streamline an organization's document-related processes, cut costs, and remain focused on its core business function

Gearing for growth - Future Drivers of Corporate Productivity

This report examines the various levers that businesses around the world are using to increase the total output that they are able to generate from their inputs.  It also considers where executives are focusing their attention as growth returns to the agenda

Ricoh Process Efficiency Index, Conducted by Coleman Parks Research, June 2011

European organizations surveyed admit they have lost or misplaced valuable information, with 1 in 12 confessing they still do not have any protection for their business critical documents

Ricoh’s Track Record of Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

The Sustainability Optimzation Program follows a consultative/collaborative model and is an integral part of Ricoh's innovative Managed Document Services offering

IDC: Managing Documents for Success in the New Business Information Paradigm

A growing trend for European enterprises to partner with print services providers to realize the full potential of document process optimization, change management, and technology

Secure Document Governance - Safeguarding Confidential Information

Despite an awareness of risks to document security across European businesses, only a minority of leaders are implementing policies to address the problem

Preventing Document Leaks with Enterprise Digital Rights Management - Young Park

Introduces Enterprise DRM solutions to protect sensitive digital information and explains how this technology can enhance an organization's overall information security

IDC: Managed Print and Document Services for Controlling Today’s -and Tomorrow’s- Information Costs

The benefits, business value, and characteristics to look for of an MPS/MDS Provider

Katy ISD Case Study Video

Case Study: How a school district increased it's printing impressions to 4 million per month

Ricoh awarded 2011 EFQM Sustainability Good Practice Award

Document briefly introduces 'Ricoh's Sustainability Optimisation Programme' which was developed to minimize the environmental impact during the 'In-Use' phase of the Product Life Cycle.

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