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Optimized Document Processes:  Worth the Investment

Getting to cost reduction, increased productivity and improved customer service benefits through better document processing is important, but it faces it's share of challenges.  More efficient alternatives can make the process run more smoothly.

Remember the People in Business Process Transformation

According to research from McKinsey & Co., of every 10 major changes organizations attempt, seven fail.

Leading a Transformation

Although business problems often have technology-based solutions, woe is the CIO who tries to go it alone. To carry out successful business transformations, CIOs must forge broad coalitions at all levels of the company and carefully express the hard business value of their projects. Too often, we forget.

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Deliver the Information Customers Crave

With so much data generated by so many systems today, you'd think customer-facing employees would be hyper-informed and able to delight customers at will, that they could upsell spectacularly and execute transactions in a heartbeat.

The Power of a Multi-Level Approach to Business Transformation

Anyone who has implemented a significant business process transformation, such as consolidating different ERP systems after a merger, knows that success depends on many factors beyond IT. A successful transformation must include the motivation and empowerment of diverse stakeholders at all levels within the organization.

CNN: Globalization Triggers an Office Revolution

The cost of bureaucratic inefficiency, and how companies are looking for "organizational change management" and "Managed Document Services" for answers

The New Budget Conversation

Cloud computing and consumerization trends are changing the nature of corporate IT and the way CIOs structure their IT budgets

Looking to Tablets to Cut Printing Costs

More workers are going mobile, and the amount of data available is exploding, so organizations need to manage mobile devices in sync with the data flow to effectively cut costs

Process Perfection - Cutting Your Costs with Business Process Automation (BPA)

Insight from global business leaders on how BPA (Business Process Automation) can improve efficiencies and impact the bottom line (Article on page 28)

Cutting Red Tape for Kids

A forward-looking child-welfare agency partners with tech giant Ricoh to digitize documents and place kids faster

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