The Rise of the iWorker

Intelligent Workers, or iWorkers – are the future of our changing workforce – and being able to activate and empower these workers in the coming years will be what separates the good companies from great ones.

But are you able to give them everything they need to be most successful?

The Future of Your Workforce

iWorkers are powered by information and the ability to share, access and make use of it – anywhere and anytime. No matter how smart or devoted they are, if these employees don’t have the necessary resources required to manage information effectively, your business won’t see the benefits of a workforce driven by iWorkers.

And what are those benefits? A workforce comprised of iWorkers is stronger, more efficient and agile in their decision-making. With access to the proper tools, they communicate and act on critical business data easily and effectively, allowing them everything they need to make the right choices and complete their goals. They’re more productive and provide a better experience for your clients and customers.

So how can you organically grow an iWorker-led workforce and establish the competitive advantage you’re looking for?

How to Build an iWorker

Unfortunately, many organizations have a number of existing barriers to creating an iWorker-led workforce. Chief among these is an inability to consistently process and share information. This can be for a variety of reasons – including technological barriers, which prove challenging according to business leaders in a recent Ricoh-sponsored report, especially when it comes to mobile information processes (as the graphic represents below). It is simply too difficult for many workers to get the information they need, when they need it, wherever they are.

In order to grow their organizations with iWorkers, employers must overcome a series of challenges by optimizing their existing technology, processes and organizational culture.
The Rise of the iWorker by 2018, Ricoh)

Another issue for many businesses is the “silofication” of information across departments (also represented in the graphic above). Many existing business processes are built in a disjointed, haphazard way, discouraging rather than promoting the sharing of information. When complicated by inadequate search methods inside the organization, it can make the finding of relevant documents or information a nearly impossible task – not only a productivity killer, but a strong contributor to unhappy employees and a poor company culture.

The companies that will stand out in the iWorker-led world of work are those who can effectively optimize their information sharing processes through the entire business. They are companies who make the right technology investments to empower their employees and boost their productivity. And they are companies with a commitment to establishing a strong organizational culture – a culture that not only encourages your existing workforce to learn and grow, but also attracts top talent interested in being a part of your success.

So, will yours be a company that aims to stand out and establish their competitive advantage? It all starts by looking inward, and recognizing how changing what you do internally can drive real business results.

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