Business transformation - who does what?

When you discover an opportunity to transform a business process for the better, it’s critical to assign clear roles to key people.

In this article for IT Business Edge, Tracey J. Rothenberger, Senior Vice President and Chief Information and Process Improvement Officer for Ricoh Americas Corporation, lays out a broad framework for successful business process transformation focusing on the roles of three key players:

  • the C-Level executive
  • the line of business manager
  • the domain expert

The C-level executive must clarify to all involved how the transformation will tangibly advance business goals that everyone can embrace.

The line-of-business manager must keep priorities clear and hold people accountable as they implement the change.

The domain expert – the person with the frontline experience in the business operation being re-engineered – must contribute to the design of the solution, including technologies, education, training and adoption.

Importantly, the domain expert and line of business manager must create a close partnership for success with the domain expert keeping the manager apprised of any issues that arise during the course of the implementation.

Once you have a sense of the roles, come back here to learn more about success factors for change management.

Posted by Dan Nero, Co-Leader, Ricoh Global MDS Software & Technology

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