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Streamlining Processes

Streamlining Processes - Overview

Increasing productivity is key to growing a business.  Recent research reveals 85% of companies believe more fully leveraging their human capital is “crucial” or “important” to their business effectiveness.1

Primary means of improving productivity
How to improve productivity

And workforces — and work environments — are changing. Millennials with expectations of more mobile and social business processes will make up a majority of the workforce by 2015.2 At the same time, the volume of business information is increasing. By 2020 IDC predicts the amount of digital information will grow by a factor of 30, the number of files, by a factor of 60.3 See what searching for, analyzing, and reformatting business information could be costing you.

There is room for improvement.  According to AIIM, a full 62% of those polled believe they have addressed only 1/5th of the potentially profitable business process initiatives.4 The Ricoh Process Efficiency Index of European companies shows that only 22% have a fully automated process to manage business critical documents and 42.5% of all business critical information still resides in hard copy format.5

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