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Optimizing Information

Optimizing Information - Overview

A 10% increase in the usability of corporate data can result in substantial revenue benefits, according to CIOInsights. Further, CIOInsights indicates this can result in:

  • The median Fortune 1000 business would increase total sales by $55,900 per employee
  • Sales per employee in the retail sector would jump 49%
  • The average telecommunications company would increase sales more than $9,600 per employee
  • The average commercial bank can improve return-on-assets by 32% by implementing a 10% increase in data intelligence and accessibility1

In order to fully realize these kinds of benefits, you need to be able to find the right information — from wherever you are, when you need it.

As the volume of business information flowing through the enterprise increases about 60% a year,2 — extracting, indexing, and making accessible business critical information is increasingly difficult.

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