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Managing Change

Managing Change - Overview

Transforming business critical document processes is vital to help increase worker productivity and ultimately meeting top corporate goals: financial targets, innovation, and superior customer service.

The ability to fully realize the benefits of transforming business critical document processes depends on successfully changing people’s behavior. But change is hard:

According to research by McKinsey & Company, about 70% of all changes in all organizations fail. After almost two decades of intense change from corporate reorganizations, new software systems, and quality-improvement projects, the failure rate remains at 70%.1

By delivering the right information, in the right time, in the right form, you can increase employee productivity to drive competitiveness and corporate growth. Unfortunately this is more of a challenge, and can be more costly, than it sounds.2

The time and money wasted is also a lost opportunity to better serve customers and generate revenue. For a more detailed view of Managing Change, check out Managed Print Services - The Foundation of an Information Infrastructure Trend for Business Value.

For more insight on how transforming business critical document processes can help improve your bottom line, check out iWorker Productivity.

For more insight on how streamlining your business critical document processes can help make you more competitive, check out Streamlining Processes.

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