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iWorker Productivity

iWorker Productivity - Overview

Businesses are looking at iWorker1 productivity, especially in customer-facing positions, to improve competitiveness and top-line performance. The availability and effective use of business critical information is fundamental to innovation, agility, and competitive positioning.

Executives are aware of the opportunities: “85% of companies believe more fully leveraging their human capital is ‘crucial’ or ‘important’ to their business effectiveness. Executives see two functional areas — operations (58%) and sales (33%)— as likely to see the greatest productivity increases in the next year.”2 Learn more about the benefits of better information management for executive managers...3

McKinsey studies have shown that business executives need to consider carefully how they enable iWorkers with business critical information, from free-access to more structured information tools.4

Different types of knowledge workers require different kinds of support technologies5
Different tech needed for different workers

The benefits of increasing iWorker productivity through better information management can be compelling. Just one example: according to CIO Insights, a 10% increase in the usability of corporate data can result in substantial revenue benefits:6

  • The median Fortune 1000 business would increase total sales by $55,900 per employee
  • Sales per employee in the retail sector would jump 49%
  • The average telecommunications company would increase sales more than $9,600 per employee
  • The average commercial bank can improve return-on-assets by 32% by implementing a 10% increase in data intelligence and accessibility

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