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Information Security & Governance

Information Security & Governance - Overview

The challenge of protecting business critical information has never been greater, with the increasing amounts, remote and mobile sources, different formats, and value of information — coupled with the rising costs and financial penalties for failure. Most important of all, earning your customers’ trust by securely managing their private information is essential to keeping and growing your market share.

The average organizational cost of a data breach this year increased to $4 million, up 18 percent from 2009… The United States had the most expensive average cost of $7.2 million. Germany came in second with $4.7 million. The United Kingdom and France had nearly identical average costs at $3.1 million apiece. Australia had the cheapest average cost of $2 million.1

These “organizational costs” include only those from breaches of personally identifiable information (PII)— not compromised sensitive customer information nor intellectual property, and do not account for fines, lawsuits, nor damage to brand or customer trust and loyalty.

The majority of information security breaches come from within the organization, whether through negligence, incompetence, or malicious intent.2

Internal issues are the most frequent causes of security breaches
Internal issues cause security breaches


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