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The Rise of the iWorker

Posted on by Dominic Keogh

Intelligent Workers, or iWorkers – are the future of our changing workforce

The Sales Funnel is Dead – Long Live the Sales Cycle

Posted on by Joyce Ouellette

The sales funnel. The customer-decision journey. The purchasing funnel.

You’ve Been Breached

Posted on by David Levine Guest Blogger

Networks have been breached and personally identifiable information compromised.

Motivation and Inspiration on Display

Posted on by Dominic Keogh

We’ve all worked in places where important company information is push-pinned to bulletin boards in lunch rooms, hallways, restrooms or the lobby.

Getting Strong Customer Messages from Weak Signals

Posted on by Joyce Ouellette

I believe most of you know by now that valuable business insights can be overlooked in unstructured information.

Are You Improving Your Customer Information Value Chain?

Posted on by Carsten Bruhn Guest Blogger

How CMOs and CIOs can work together to facilitate Big Data initiatives

Powering a Personalized Shopping Experience

Posted on by Dominic Keogh

There is a quiet revolution going on in ‘brick and mortar’ stores.  This revolution is due in large part to the online ecommerce experience and tremendous amount of information available on the World Wide Web (which turns 25 this year).

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